Sunday, May 23, 2010

popover sundress

popover sundress from Oliver + S

I finally hopped back onto the sewing train. I had been going through a serious sewing blackout with no known cause, though I think it might have had something to do with my inability to make buttonholes on my machine... For whatever reason I just couldn't get started on any project even with all of the fabric, notions and pattern ready. I needed something that was quick and with almost instant gratification to sort of "pop the clutch" on my sewing so I decided in a late night second wind to try to Oliver + S popover sundress.

I have made the O+S PJs and sailor pants in the past and so I knew that this would be a well rewarded choice. Oliver + S is one of those companies that you thank your lucky stars for when you find them because you know that anything that you purchase from them will be a reliable winner. The popover had the added benefits of being a free PDF pattern that I could print out right away and the right amount of yardage that I had some cottons to choose from in my stash. In these creative slumps you need to strike while the iron is hot. Or in my case - start sewing at 11 pm when the children are in bed, you just drank and iced americano, you have a new album ready to be enjoyed and a random burst of motivation. This was not a start-to-finish crazy sewing spree but I did do much of it that first night and finished the next day during nap time. And I love it. So much.

popover sundress from Oliver + S

The length is just below the knee which I really love on children. It is still modest but doesn't get in the way of tree climbing. The A-line cut is loose so it will be cool in the summer and can be played in easily. The straps tie in bows to be completely adjustable which solves the straps-falling-off-constantly issue. I also bought a covered button kit (I really caught on to these late) and made some matching hair ties which was giddily satisfying.

When Miryam was a year and a half I made her a handful of sundresses all with the same pattern and she was able to wear them for two summers. That's the great thing about sun dresses, the girls grow more in length then in width so if you start with the dresses long and a little loose you can get lots of use from them. And is is wonderfully easy for summer dressing - grab some panties, a dress and your sandals. Run a brush through your hair, brush you teeth and you are free.

popover sundress from Oliver + S

This dress was just the push I needed to get out of my sewing slump. I have cut out and pinned a huge pile of cloth napkins (because mine walk away when I am not looking) and have them ready to stitch up as soon as I get the children tucked in tonight. Thank goodness because my great ideas have been far outpacing my actual production.

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Herbal Tonya here said...

Oh Gilly this dress is so sweet! Let's sew together sometime! I could use some motivation also!