Tuesday, January 5, 2010

more hobbit-like pursuits

baby-hobbit burrows under the covers

We haven't quite gotten to the point of eating breakfast, second breakfast and elevenses, but we are spending most of our days inside and planning our activities based on their proximity to the fireplace. Here are some of the things that have kept us occupied...

I finally got my horribly-jammed machine back from the repair man
and am getting my sewing muscles back into shape.

Miryam was given modeling beeswax for hanukkah and worked on this "Pippi Longstocking" for a nice quite half hour. Pippi lived on the ledge proudly for quite a while before she was dismantled for other projects.

Finger paint makes a big come-back

and when in doubt - we take a nice hot bath, preferably with California Baby bubble bath and many many cups

On a side note, Andy's mama just left from a week of visiting with us and in a few hours our friends from France are coming for the week. In the midst of all this I was called to two births in 24 hours so we are filled with some joyous chaos around here. I'm blogging while taking a break from putting new sheets on the beds and washing towels. Luckily all of our guests are looking for a shire-like visit so we can all eat big breakfasts and then lounge around waiting for spring so we can grow things.

Friday, January 1, 2010


If today portends what 2010 will bring, I'll welcome it.

We had friends over for brunch and, because the day so was beautiful, we went out for a run around and some sledding. I have been very hobbit-like this winter - preferring to stay cozy indoors while the wind blows - but I know this isn't very good for my mind or my body. I am not someone who make resolutions but I am resolving to be mindful about getting outside as close to everyday as possible for some play. It's the bundling that takes the effort - once I am out I am quite happy and always try to remind myself how good it feels. Then I bring everyone in for "The Great Unbundling" and I forget.

Today the sun was shining, there was no wind and we had a couple of inches of snow the night before to cover up the hard-packed under layer. These were perfect sledding conditions and we took many runs down the tiny hill that comes down from the garden. Éamonn was given a sled for Solstice and Miryam brought out her kicksled. Éamonn was able to keep his feet up on the footrest so he was able to take many trips down the hill and back and forth across the yard. The seemed to be enjoying himself but had a pretty serious look on his face. Taking it all in, I guess.

Éamonn and Auntie on the kicksled

I'm still dreaming of some adult sized kicksleds so we can take the littles out for a long ride. They make them with little seat belts and even pram-attachments for the littlest of riders. Maybe next year...