Monday, May 17, 2010

early morning visitor

Last year we were in the morning path of a flock of turkeys* who would walk down our hill and then work really hard to propel themselves into flight into the woods across the road. They were very adorably noisy. Gobble gobble gobble - they each sounded like they were mumbling it under their breath but there were around 15 any given day and that makes for some serious gobbling.

This year they seem to have found another place to take their morning jaunt but we did see this handsome fellow nosing around the garden very early in the morning. He was so loud that Andy had a moment of wondering how we managed to have Loons in our backyard but when we peeked out the window it was this guy. A very nice surprise and the early wake-up gave the added benefit of extra time to read in bed before being prodded by smallfolk to cook some breakfast.

* additional collective noun options for turkey's include "a raffle of turkeys" and "a rafter of turkeys". I'm assuming that is from the sound their feathers make when they pop out? I would like to humbly submit the option "a gobble of turkeys". What do you think?

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