Tuesday, December 30, 2008

yeah, I know...

...it's been way to long since my last post. But here is a gratuitous picture of √Čamonn as an apology.

We had some...interesting news come to us soon after my last post and so life took over a bit and have been neglectful in blog town.

Andy and I moved into out apartment 9 years ago this month. It's the bottom apartment in a three-family home one a quiet dead end street about a mile walk from downtown. We had friends living on the top floor and other friends were moving out of this apartment so we moved them into their new house and moved us into this apartment. It is spacious as far as as 850 square feet can be - good flow, hardwood floors, and surprisingly low rent for the area. We wanted to move before Miryam was born but it didn't work out and so she was born in a birthing tub in the living room. We tried again to buy a house before √Čamonn was born but, again, it wasn't to be and he was born in the same tub in the same living room. We got really close to buying two different houses but it seemed like the starts just weren't aligning properly. We kept waiting for the "sign from the universe" but began to doubt that it would come. But even though there was no yard, many cracks in the paster walls and a moldy basement, we loved the location of our little home here and the rent, as I may have mentioned, was just right.

Well soon after the last post here we got THE SIGN. Or rather, we got the letter from the landlord saying we needed to be out by the end of February so he could renovate. Sort of the same thing. See, the cheap rent came along without a lease.

Things were grumpy. Things were anxious. Some people un-named may have wanted to freecycle all the the family's belongings and take of to Ireland... But it looks (finger's crossed) like we have found a home. It's not the "forever" house (there's room for chicken's and a big garden but no goats or other big projects), but it is lovely and I am holding my breath until the papers are signed.

I feel a bit out of practice with the blogging but I'm back on the horse and as soon as I send Andy out for a new cord for the camera I'll get some pictures to upload that are more exciting than the moving boxes I am currently starting at.