Wednesday, October 1, 2008

brother and sister

This is what happens when papa takes the kiddies to the coop. Éamonn is very lucky to have such a sister. He's starting to get a bit more "fun" for Miryam to play with and he is so big and strong we aren't terribly worried that she is going to break him. The newest game is to have mama pop him up in the laundry basket so she can bring him toys and tell him stories. My mom taught me that trick when Miryam was small - when they are big enough to sit up, but too small to crawl their toys are always rolling away from them, but in the basket they stay nice on your lap, you stay cozy on these autumn mornings, and your big sister can give you a puppet show.

Does it get better?


Maria Rose said...

How adorable

karenjane said...

love pic of eamonn in little trolley, miryams lucky to have herself a real live doll!