Saturday, September 20, 2008

syncronised sleeping -

- our family's new sport. This is how I found miryam and Éamonn in bed the other night - in the exact same position. I am constantly amazed in the ways that they are so different and so alike. Daily I look at Éamonn and say either "that's so new, your sister never did that" or "wow, I totally forgot Miryam did that all the time".

I'm currently enjoying a weekend with just my little boy. Andy took Miryam down to Maryland for the weekend to visit his family and go to a wedding. I just couldn't see driving 6 hours with a baby in the car or spending the cost to fly. Instead it's an Éamonn and mama weekend here. It's been really wonderful - I'm not lonely like I would be staying home by myself because Éamonn is great company but it is so much quieter and calmer with only the baby to pay attention to. Last night I got him into bed before eight and stayed up late cutting out denim for a wrap skirt I have been meaning to make for a while. It was nice to start a project and feel pretty confident that I could finish it without interruption. I got all the fabric cut out and tidied up my mess before crawling in bed with my warm snuggly baby in what felt like a giant bed. Perfect.

Today I got together with a few other mamas to dye some clothes for the kids. They are now washing and drying awaiting our reconvening for a sorting-out and pizza get-togther. I am feeling so rejuvenated, this is just the weekend I needed.

On a crafting note, these are some blankets I made for Éamonn just before he was born. They made from white handkerchief weight linen trimmed with cotton. I used this tutorial for how to attach it and they came out lovely. Perfect for a spring/summer blanket when he needed some coverage from breezes and sun but I didn't want him to get too warm. Next summer I'd like to make Miryam a long sleeved swim suit cover up out of similar linen and trim it the same way.


Tilly said...

What a gorgeous picture and such lovely blankets.

karenjane said...

i love the blankets, i think ill have to make some myself! look forward to seing miryams swimsuit.
beautiful photo, i look after twins and find it so cute seing them doing same things/in same positions like this