Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a little bit of crafting

Just before Éamonn was born I went through a serious spring cleaning/nesting session of about 3 weeks. We cleaned every closet, dusted books, got rid of a lot of stuff and started organizing what we kept. That whole "a place for everything ..." theory. We also cleaned out the car to get it ready for me to be able to do some solo trips with the littles. And that necessitated a little crafting. First on the list was a first aid kit.

I had these visions of being at the park with one child bleeding and the other crying and me looking like a deer in the headlights. So I whipped up this bag for the car using this tutorial. I hadn't made a zippered pouch before but the tutorial was really clear and it was super easy. The red-cross is attached with wonderunder and then a zig zag stitch. I lined the pouch with the same fabric and then packed it up with the essentials including some comfrey salve that miryam feels is complete magic.

Then I started working on a car bag to hang on the back of the driver's seat to keep some of miryam's stuff in to keep her occupied on long drives. I'll show pictures when I finish it. To go inside I made a pencil pouch. It sits open nicely next to her in the car seat so she can choose colored pencils without loosing them all over the floor.

I embroidered it using a chain stitch and a few french knots. They were a first and not as terrible as I thought.

It's also lined with a blue floral from my stash. Miryam loved it and it's gotten a lot of use already.

I want to get the car bag finished soon and think up some other goodies to pack in there. I gotta say that crafting is slow going with a newborn and a toddler but I feel some coming in my near future. If only for sanity's sake!


lovestitches said...

Such cute crafting, and so practical :-) I've only just heard of comfrey salve, I'll have to check it out. My magic salve has always been arnica.

Gillian said...

Ah yes, we use arnica a lot but should be avoided on broken skin so we use comfrey or calendula for those ouchies.

Tiny House said...

Such great ideas! Thank you!