Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i'd very much like a yard please

Today I asked Miryam what she'd like to do today and she replied "I'd very much like a yard please". I hear ya kid. Between the cute phrasing and the sentiment it's a bit of a heart breaker. Here is a picture of the yard:

The picture is from our annual Mother's Day Brunch in which out small apartment & yard crams in at least 6 children, their attached adults, and a ton of yummy food.

It's worked out well for us thus far. The porch is nice and wide - space for a table for al fresco meals for our small family, a wading pool and two Adirondack chairs (with arm rests wide enough for a cold beverage). The sidewalk is perfect for chalk and bike riding. There is a maple tree (not shown) for leaf gathering and shade and a teeeeeeeeeeny-tiiiiiiiiiny patch of grass. We spend a lot of time out there in the warm weather but it's starting to get a bit cramped. With two kids now, I am dreaming of a fenced in yard that I can send Miryam into the run a big and make some big messes and some gardening room for some raised beds...and maybe a few chickens (I'm getting ahead of myself). Part of the charm of our apartment (beside the cheap rent) is the one-mile walk to Main Street. I can handle a small yard/small home if we are surrounded by community (and friends with bigger homes and yards). But I think we have hit the point were we are busting a big at the seams.

I'd very much like a yard please.

So we are looking for a home. Because we can't afford my farm-house-with-acres-in-the-country house yet, we are looking for something in the middle - a sizable yard and a reasonable distance to a main street. If we were in the country with acres we would be able to be more self-sustaining in terms of entertainment but because we'll have a smaller yard I want to be close enough to town that we can keep car-dieting.

Please send us good home-buying vibes, ok? I gotta get this girl a yard.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the hunt! I've been there and it can take a while but it's so worth it. We found a house with everything on our must have list.

Gillian said...

I'm thinking that if we are patient we'll find the one we are "meant" to have. Thanks for the good thought.