Sunday, April 6, 2008

possibly a busy time to start a blog

As you can see there is a serious belly going on here (and I hesitate the mention that this photo was taken over a month ago - you should see me know). It seems like a busy time to start a blog but I have wanted to get this in motion for a long time and the double motivations of nesting and wanting to do a better job of chronicling those early months combine to make this the moment.

This last bit of pregnancy has been a crazy time of crafting, organizing and taking stock of my life and daily rhythms to see what needs to be changed. We did an amazing spring cleaning and got rid of so much stuff. It felt great and now our small apartment feels more live-able. I've been crafting a lot in the evenings, and some during the day with Miryam's assistance - she especially likes to hand me pins and arrange them just so on the pin cushion.

We spend easter at my mom's house and every year Miryam get's a cute spring dress to wear. I had made her an autumn bonnet from the mailorder pattern last year and so decided to go for a matching spring bonnet/dress for this easter. I am so pleased at how it came out but this dress almost killed me. Apparently my daughter has a big head because the first version would not fit over it at all..even though it was a 4T size. Even after making the key-hole in the back quite a bit larger it is still a bit snug going over the head. Ah well. The adorableness of her in it made up for the pain and she loved it so it was worth it.

I think we'll get a lot of use out of both the dress and bonnet this year - the dress fits great for play and the bonnet is just deep enough to keep the spring sun out of your eyes but not so much that it gets in the way. Here's to sunny spring days coming our way!

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