Monday, April 14, 2008

Any day now...

Sunday was my due date so we are officially in the "any day now" place. Miryam was born ten days after her due date and so the idea that this baby would be born earlier than 40 weeks didn't really occur to me. I think my babies like to bake a little longer. I also know I would have had a big shock (and very few diapers) had this baby arrived early.

To relive the sweet days before Miryam's birth, we decided to take advantage of the sun this weekend and go for a walk at Fitzgerald Lake just like we did to clear our heads and try and get ready for Miryam to join our family. It, apparently, was a farm in the past that was given to the state and flooded to provide some protected habitat. You can still find some old gnarly apple trees left where the orchard once was.

It was so nice to be outside again with some fresh air. We finally had a proper New England winter this year with plenty of snow but that also meant it was long. We spent lots of time listening to the red winged black birds and just playing. It was wonderful.

So no baby yet, but the spring days are just getting better and better and it can't be much longer!

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