Friday, April 10, 2009

happy special day

Ignore the dreary lighting and gaze, if you will, on the stickly glaze on this cake. yum.

We needed a cheer-me-up during all these April Showers and turned to an old favorite - Orange Poppyseed Cake from Cottage Living. It is so yummy and if you keep it in something airtight it keeps for a week. Maybe more but we always eat it before then, it's especially nice toasted for breakfast with a cup of tea. We used buttermilk from our most recent batch of butter but I still have so much buttermilk in the freezer I am going to have to find more recipes that include it beyond pancakes!

Miryam wanted to use some candles that were in the drawer so we lit them when Andy arrived home and sang (at Miryam's direction) "Happy Special Day" to the tune of Happy Birthday. That is just what I need when the sun hasn't been seen in days.

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