Thursday, March 12, 2009


Miryam took her first steps quite dramatically at 11 months or so. Andy and I both happened to be looking at her when she stepped once, twice and then sat down. For first time parents it was nice to be able to share the moment.

√Čamonn has been shown his walking skills in a much more relaxed fashion. A shuffle here, a few steps there. He really gets a lot of practice pushing our kitchen chairs around the house. We have all wood floors and the chairs have felt on the bottom so they slide at the perfect speed.

More recently he has been taking Miryam's dolly Ruby Red for her morning stroll in the pram. He has learned to do corners by bumping in the the wall, wiggling the pram, bumping it again, etc. until he is in the right direction.

With the first child, it's so exciting to see them learn and grow. You just can't wait for the next milestone. With the second child I am a bit more whistful. Each new skill is an accomplishment and a celebration but it is also a reminder of all that has passed already, and how quickly. Still, I'm looking forward to the summer when I can marvel at his fat little feet walking through the grass.

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