Wednesday, February 25, 2009

it arrived! *and a give away*

When I was in third grade I attended one day of bible camp with a friend. She went to the local catholic school and I was so jealous of her uniform. Plaid pleated skirt? White shirt with peter pan color? Navy cardigan? Saddle shoes? Yes please!

I was lucky enough to win a red plastic whistle in some unremembered contest. It was nothing specially but for the rest of time it was pretty much the only thing I had won. Until last month.

Melissa of Checkout Girl was having a pay-it-forward give away and I was amazed to have won. I have admired her work since I first found her blog and now that we are trying to make this house a home it seemed perfect to have some handcrafted home-iness to grace it's walls.

But because we had moved there was some scary post office drama that ensued and I was panicked that it was lost in the mail. The curse of the red whistle and all. But finally it arrived. I tore into that package with an embarrassing amount of enthusiasm and literally squealed. It is so beautiful.

The tiny bird. The Flowers. The lavender scent. The careful and artful stitching. So beautiful. I keep moving it around the house so I can look at it throughout the day. It give me a little smile whenever it catches my eye.

Thank you so much Melissa!

And because this was a pay-it forward giveaway, here is one of my own to spread the love.

* * * Give Away * * *

Leave a comment in the post by Sunday evening and you will be entered into this giveaway. This is a surprise handcrafted gift that you will receive in about a weeks time after I choose the winner on Monday morning.

Good luck!


Melissa Crowe said...

Don't include me in the giveaway b/c that would just be circuitous, but I wanted to pop in and say thanks for the kind words about the little gift. I'm SO glad it finally arrive, and I'm even gladder that you love it. :-)

Lynne in NC said...

Too cute~ I love your intentional way of living.
Thank you for sharing a bit of your life.
I'm not one who wins contests either.
Pick me! pick me!

kimmer said...

Just hopped over from Sew Mama Sew to look at your adorable first aid kit... and I'm just in time for a contest? Yay!

Love looking at the pictures of your beautiful children... congrats on the new house! And thank you for the chance to win a homemade goody!

tracey said...

Hi! I think I might sound like a broken record, but I too popped over from sew mama sew to see your first aid kit - I love the idea! And I think we definitely need one for our car!

And since I too rarely win anything, perhaps i'll give this a go!

Tiny House said...

I love the idea of a Pay it Forward giveaway! Sounds like fun! :)

Lisa said...

Found you through the Sew Mama Sew first aid kit link--very cute. Mine is in some hideous thing that came free with my large boat kit. You seem very talented and would love to participate in a pay it forward giveaway! (even though my lame little family blog isn't about crafting, i did spend half my food budget yesterday at the fabric store!)

The Fair Weather Optimist said...

What a delightful blog. I am so glad that Sew Mama Sew linked me over! I don't need to be entered in the give-away, I just wanted to leave a comment in a place you'd find it.
I will not mention that it was in the mid 80's today in Southern California, and that we all spent the day in shorts. Ooh, New England sounds cold!!! 48 degrees is an excuse to stay inside and drink hot cocoa around these parts. lol!
Can't wait to read more in the future...

Lora said...

I just found your blog through sew mama sew. Your children are adorable, and I love your blog. Please include me in your giveaway! Thanks so much, Lora

Gillian said...

welcome to everyone who popped over from S.M.S. I hope you stick around - we are having some 50 degree weather this weekend and nothing says "crafting" to me like the hope of spring's return.