Monday, July 14, 2008



So there we were, innocently strolling through the farmer's market when we can upon a stand with cherries. "oh" we though to ourselves "we love cherries". We were alerted by the farmers that this was the only week they would offer cherries...

Apparently we loved cherries enough that we bought a whole box for about 70 percent less than if we bought the same amount in pint/quart form. That being said, we bought a box of cherries. It looks even bigger in real life. I'd say two cubic feet or so.

Did I mention that I don't have a cherry pitter? Did i mention that due to circumstances beyond my control I would be the only one processing this box of cherries? Let's not talk about it anymore - it was quite a 12 hours let me say....

To anyone reading this who loves me, please feel free to send me a cherry pitter for my birthday.

In the end we do have two jars of cherries in brandy (yum) and two gallons of halved and pitted cherries in the freezer. I'm half seriously considering making a fruit cake this holiday season. I was thinking of making it very traditional and very local and very alcoholic. I think it might be yummy if I avoid green cherries (what is that all about anyway?)

Hopefully the chest freezer will make an appearance this week and I can once again have ice cubes.


karen jane said...

hi im karen, i realy love your blog! im so inspired by all your frit and veg picking, im also working on being more self sufficient, ive had a big beautiful garden to practice in (my mums) but im looking for a house with my boyfriend so who knows what kind of garden ill have next. i dont think theres any fruit picking places nearby but ill deffinately find out, its an option i hadnt thought of. look forward to seing you future adventures

Gillian said...

How nice to be able to have a practice yard. Then when you have a home of your own you'll have some good experience under your belt.

The page that I use to find my pick-your-own is but being in australia I don't have any leads for you. I bet there is something similar though.

Anonymous said...

The cherries look so fantastic, it did make me smile how many you had. The cherry brandy sounds yummyX